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E Cigarette Beginners GuideYou’re tired of your hair, clothes, breath, house and car smelling like cigarette smoke. Or you just hate shelling out all that money for conventional cigarettes; you’ve decided to give electronic cigarettes a try. New Smoke provides e cigarette reviews of the top names. Among the evaluations you will find on our website are a GreenSmoke review and a V2 Cigs review. New Smoke presents you with comprehensive information in each review, so that you can be sure that you’re choosing the best e cigarette brand and equipment to suit your preferences.

Early History of the e cigarette

The first patent application for “smokeless cigarettes” was submitted by Herbert A. Gilbert in 1963, but the market was not ready, and the product did not find wide commercial acceptance. Some forty years later, just after the turn of the twenty-first century. China was the first country to make the e cigarette widely available. Electronic cigarettes also made their way to Europe a few years after, finally crossing the pond to the United States in the late 2000s.

Early versions of electronic cigarettes were often complicated to use, putting many potential e smokers off. As technology improved, electronic cigarettes provided a more realistic smoking experience. As a result, e cigarettes have gained wider acceptance in recent years among smokers. Today, many electronic cigarette manufacturers boast that their products provide e smokers with all the pleasure of smoking, but with many of the drawbacks reduced or eliminated.

How They Work

Conventional cigarettes include tobacco inserted into specialty wrapping paper. Many cigarettes also have filter tips through which smokers draw the smoke from lit tobacco. The “filter” in electronic cigarettes is actually the cartridge that contains the flavor material. The main portion of the cigarette is actually a battery. The battery heats up the flavor material in the cartridge, which produces vapor that is equivalent in flavor to tobacco for the smoker.

Fewer Harmful Chemicals

Like conventional cigarettes, nearly all electronic cigarettes contain nicotine in varying amounts. But that’s where the similarity ends. Along with tobacco, conventional cigarettes contain tar and other chemicals, many of which are harmful to human health. Because electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco, they also contain none of the tar or other chemicals found in conventional cigarettes.

No Smoke, No Fire, No Ash

The smoke from conventional cigarettes is produced by lighting the tobacco. The waste products from regular cigarettes include messy cigarette butts and ashes. Many people find cigarette smoke offensive and some are even allergic. Second hand smoke has also been shown to pose a danger to non smokers, with the result that smoking conventional cigarettes is banned in many public places.

Because there is no actual combustion associated with electronic cigarettes, there are no cigarette butts and no ashes. There is also no cigarette smoke, which minimizes the danger of second hand smoke. Many smokers take their habit outside even at home to avoid exposing their families to second hand smoke. With electronic cigarettes, this is no longer necessary.

A Cheaper Alternative

In many locations, cigarettes are subjected to heavy taxation, making the smoking habit extremely expensive. Switching to electronic cigarettes translates into significant savings, even accounting for the up front expense involved with obtaining starter kits and accessories. Many e smokers report that they have saved huge amounts of money by making the switch from conventional cigarettes.

Wide Product Variety

Electronic cigarettes are available in flavors that approximate many of the famous brands of conventional cigarettes. However, smokers can also enjoy novelty flavors such as coffee, chocolate or fruit flavors. Electronic cigarettes are also available in a range of nicotine concentrations, ranging from full bodied flavor equivalent to unfiltered cigarettes, to lesser concentrations that compare to “light” cigarettes. It’s even possible to enjoy the experience of electronic cigarettes with no nicotine at all.


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