E Cigarette Ban in New York

On April 21th, the New York State Assembly unanimously voted on a bill — A9529 — to ban e-cigarettes after reviewing an article published by Action on Smoking and Health (ASH). Unlike other states who banned e-cigarettes in non-smoking areas, this bill will not only prohibit selling electronic cigarettes to minors, it will ban all smoking products “containing or delivering nicotine” that have not been approved by the FDA as a product to promote cessession or reduction of tobacco addiction, although the bill also reference removing herbal cigarettes from display. In essence, this bill will not just prohibit sales to minors, it will also affect adult smokers by creating a blanket ban on all e-cigarette sales in the state of New York, which could prompt other states to pass similar legislation.

The bill is now being reviewed by the Senate Health Committee, after which it will be passed to the senate for a final vote. The bill states that once passed, the law would become immediately effective and impose a civil penalty “in an amount not to exceed ten thousand dollars for each violation” for merchants and internet distributors selling e-cigarettes, regardless of their country of origin. Comments concerning this bill can be directed to Thomas K. Duance, Chair of the New York Health Committee, by calling 518-455-2451, faxing a statement to 518-426-6846 or sending an email to duane@senate.state.ny.us.

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  • Tai says:

    What in God’s name is wrong with these politicians??? E-cigarettes strip away EVERYTHING from the smoking experience except nicotine which is just one of THOUSANDS of toxic chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes. There’s ZERO 2nd-hand smoke and the exhaled vapor contains only a tiny tiny amount of nicotine that wasn’t absorbed by the user’s lungs…certainly not enough to hurt anyone and CERTAINLY not enough to addict someone…my God. The patch DOESN’T WORK, nicotine gum DOESN’T WORK. The FDA study last year was a complete sham…they’re in bed with Big Tobacco, Big Pharma and big taxes…period. E-cigarettes are a GOOD thing and New York’s efforts are destroying what I know from personal experience to be the SAVING GRACE from something that has plagued my family and our entire species for decades. WAKE UP!!!!! Get on board!

  • Tony says:

    Yah, I really don’t get it!!! I hope they will stop this ridiculous law.

  • keith says:

    My friends, its all about the mighty dollar..loss of cigarette sales where good old NY has the highest sales tax or at least one of them..Good Ole Barack has even put the kabosh on internet sales of cigarettes what does that tell ya?

  • todd says:

    come on people, its not about the product, its about no tax money being collected and the medical bills being generated by smoking, think of this, no smoking related cancer, a huge amount of money is lost across the board, from taxes to jobs ! its not about the product its about revenue loss !!!

  • Edgar says:

    This is complete crap. This is probably the best thing introduced into the market for aiding american’s in their attempts to quit smoking. Yeah it may still have nicotine, but research proves nicotine has nearly no affects on the body other then the addictions the give you. Some one should start a petition against banning the e cig’s,im 100% down to suport these things the entire way.

  • kyle says:

    I’ve been smoking for over 20 years and have owned a e cigarette for 2 weeks now.Since the e cig I have not had a real smoke,why ban something so good and helpful to help smokers quit or replace real cigs? I strongly feel the big cigarette companys are trying to stomp out the e cig business in fear that it may replace tobacco cigarettes.

  • Shelby Jansing says:

    So, there are gonna ban E cigs, but they are going to keep producing cigarettes… Well this doesn’t make any sense to me. This is absolutely retarded. Don’t ban Cigarettes which causes thousands of deaths each year but continue banning Electronic cigarettes… I dont smoke but this is so retarded.

  • John says:

    Can you say Tobacco Lobbyist, did you ever wonder why the electric car project was canceled by GM 90′s, cancer is treated with radiation, marijuana is illegal and cigarettes are legal, I am not allowed to produce my own gasoline or buy insurance from another state. Do the math and follow the money, Did you know Nestle’s is pumping 90,000 gallons of water out of the Michigan Aquifer every minute, killing our great lakes so the cleanest water in the united states can be shipped away? None of this makes sense, unless you follow the money trail and see who is making the rules for whom.

    One more thing, Fact: Bill S51 just passed the Senate in December 2010, Give huge unheard of power in the hands of the FDA, to protect us from our farmers – Sounds great, well guess who will be in charge of that arm of the FDA – ex CEO of Monsanto, one of the companies with the Most To Gain. The FDA will protect us from our farmers, using our money, but who will protect us from the FDA ?

    I remember when Al Capone used to sell protection, at least he was honest about it, and demanded the money.

  • Andrew says:

    I live in NY and smoke electronic cigarettes. I have a feeling the e-cigs are putting a decent dent on the tax revenue made by the state on $10/pack in ny.

    When Gov Cuomo is announcing large state worker layoffs, politicians who have union supporters would rather ban something that is a cheaper alternative to the $10/pack than to watch his/her voter base being laid off. One to look at is Gillibrand who if I can remember right as a lawyer defended big tobacco.

    If the politicians don’t see that banning the cheaper alternative and forcin folks who still have that nicotine addiction to pay an ungodly amount for cigarettes isn’t going to hurt small business in Ny who could have benifitted from the extra cash in the hands of e cig smokers they are wrong.

    This blue state is flushing itself down the crapper.

  • Homer says:

    Can the proof be any more obvious! Politicians and Unions are the same -they will protect all taxes even if the e-cigarette reduces the health hazard of smoking real cigarettes.

  • shortCUT says:

    Typical ineptness, they admitted theres not enough evidence to conclude they are harmful let alone more harmful than analog smokes. bottom line is, theres no money for them and thats it. freedom of the people to do as they please. as soon as they please themselves (the people) there will be someone else ,a nanny, busybody with nothing better to do , to strip it away with no cause, none- not to mention the formula has been changed to exclude propoglcycol like, forever ago—– on a slightly differant note, I believe the device itelf could be used to administer medicines via lung obsorbtion. but no/ ” we dont understand it, so throw the baby out with the bathwater” —UNREAL!!!

  • Joe Person says:

    Yep. Democracy and representing the people at work here.
    Every forum I find bringing this topic up is flooded with an overwhelming number of people pissed off about such a law and people who’ve actually cut down or altogether QUIT smoking since using these, but there goes our great government looking to completely bypass popular opinion and the health benefits to keep a cash cow intact at the people’s expense.

  • m says:

    or ignore the law (if it’s passed), go to another state to buy it (like Connecticut or NJ), and return home to smoke it in the privacy of your own home cause it doesn’t cause any 2nd hand harm (or even primary for that matter). It just humidifies the air……….

    or even the bathroom of the business-place you work at because it doesn’t produce any odors.

  • JGH says:

    How can they ban something that has not proven to be a hazard, but sell regular cigarettes noing how bad they are just to collect taxes and kill people, wel I guess they havent found a way to tax these so they will just ban them and kill everyone with regular cigs

  • Kat Hazlett says:

    Was born in New York, raised in New York. I’m very greatful I no longer live in New York!

  • Eric says:

    This absolutely ridiculous! How in the world can you ban something that helps smokers stop smoking and is 1000 times healthier for you than real cigs, but still not ban real cigs themselves? It just proves to everyone in the world that politicians here are about nothing more than money. I bought a Blu ecig and haven’t pick up a real cig since. Now how is that “bad” for me or anyone else besides the government’s wallets? They’re just mad because ecigs don’t have tobacco in them and there is nothing for them to tax as much as they tax real cigs. F’ing lousy, no-good, P.O.S., money hungry politicians. This country is going down the drain faster than Jimmy Johnson at Talladega.

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