E Cigarette Beginners Guide 5


The two piece design includes a battery and a cartomizer. A cartomizer is a combined atomizer and cartridge. This type of electronic cigarette is easier for users to maintain especially if they do not want refilling cartridges with e-liquid when it dries up. It is also easier to use because users just need to: screw in the new prefilled cartomizer, and recharge the battery to enjoy vaping again.


The three piece design includes battery, atomizer, and a cartridge.This type is actually cheaper because users just need to purchase e-liquid to refill the cartridges which are sold in the market in various flavors and in an affordable price rather than buying prefilled cartomizers. The three piece design is also preferred by veteran e cigarette smokers. This is the original type manufactured. Users of this type can also personalize the vaping experience by modifying the batteries, atomizers, and cartridges. (More information about modding e cigarettes)

1. Green Smoke

For those seeking an electronic cigarette that resembles a traditional cigarette, Green Smoke offers a “realistic” brand, so it can be used for long-time smokers who want to replicate the authentic smoking experience, especially the strong smoke-like vapor emitted when exhaling.

The nicotine pad and atomizer are built into the one-step replaceable cartridge so you do not have to handle any fluids. Green Smokes cartridges are very sanitary because the entire filter cartridge that is exposed to your lips and breath is changed with each refill. The LED tip glows brightly when you inhale and cartridges are available in many flavors and strength levels — each one color coded for easy identification — and include traditional tobacco, menthol, vanilla, chocolate, coffee, apple and strawberry. The batteries recharger has a USB port for computer recharging or can use a power plug, but is not included in the starter package and must be purchased separately.

2. Blu Cigs

Blu cigarettes are popular with the younger, on-the-go crowd, and is the only e cigarette where the carrying pack doubles as a battery charger. They come in black or white models and can be used with non-nicotine cartridges. Each starter pack contains 25 cartridges – which equals 100 puffs each in the strength of your choice. There are 2 batteries, 2 self-cleaning atomizers, a wall and a USB charger. There is no on/off switch, but it is activated when you press it to your lips and inhale, which also activates glowing blue LED light on the tip.

3. Luci

This is ideal for light smokers, because it includes a smart chip that turns off the product if it delivers too much nicotine in a short time. You can even adjust the setting down to a zero nicotine intake. There is a lifetime warranty on the atomizer, and it comes with 2 batteries, a home charging kit and 5 flavored cartridges available in either a 5 pack, which equals about 75 cigarettes, or an economical 50 pack which is the equivalent of about 750 cigarettes.