E Cigarette Manual

There are now a multitude of reviews online, and while people may have their opinion on which one is the best electronic cigarette, the basics of all are pretty much the same. The following information could be helpful if you want to buy an e-cigarette, as it will touch on the basics like what is included in a starter kit as well as information about electronic cigarette refills.

Parts Of An Electronic Cigarette

Battery- some manufacturers will supply you with a battery upon your purchase, and most will even supply an extra battery as well.

Atomizer or cartomizer- This is the heating element of the e cig. It vaporizes the liquid in the cartridge which makes the “smoke”. A cartomizer is manufactured by some electronic cigarette companies, which is a pre-filled cartridge and atomizer that has been combined into one unit.

Wall Charger and USB charger- Used to charge your battery, and in some cases the pack that the cartridges come in.

Cartridges- These are basically your e cigarette. It includes the liquid as well as the nicotine.

Safety Advice

Electronic cigarettes are made up of an atomizer, a cartridge, and the battery. The e-liquid contained within the cartridge is made up of propylene glycol, flavoring liquid, water, and nicotine. Most safety concerns about it have to do with the nicotine portion of the cigarette. Nicotine is what gets people addicted to tobacco cigarettes, so for those who oppose e cigarettes the concern is that these devices will not assist the person in kicking their nicotine problem.


One of the atomizers and batteries will likely come already assembled upon receiving your electronic cigarette kit, along with an empty cartridge. Getting your electronic cigarette ready to puff is an easy process. Simply take off the empty cartridge by removing it from the atomizer. This will be done by pulling or twisting off the old cartridge and twisting or pushing on the full cartridge. Twist the cartridge slightly to be sure it is secure. That is all it takes to set up your electronic smoking device. There is no on or off button. Just simply start puffing and you will see the end of the cigarette light up, indicating you are “smoking’ it.

Using The AC Charger

Use of the AC charger could vary depending on the type of e cigarette you buy. Some companies offer a pack that can be plugged into an AC outlet and charged. The pack will store the extra battery and cartridges and enable you to charge the battery by plugging the pack into the wall. Other manufacturers will simply have an AC charger that you will plug directly into the battery to keep it charged. A light will usually indicate when your battery is in the process of charging and turn off when the unit is completely charged.


Flavor cartridges- This might be the best part of the e cigarette. These cartridges comes in different sizes depending on the company you buy your e-cigarette from. They also come in different flavors such as tobacco, coffee, menthol, vanilla, cherry, and more. Each cartridge is usually equal to around 7 regular cigarettes, but again this will depend on which company you buy your e-cigarettes from.

Exclusive Pack- This is not a normal accessory, but you will find companies that offer a pack that will not only act as storage for your cartridges, but will also charge your battery. They are designed to look like a normal cigarette pack.

The great thing about e cigarettes is that they can be used anywhere. Since it emits a vapor and not smoke, there is no worry about harmful second hand smoke. You don’t need to light anything either, so you can just sit in your favorite bar or restaurant, or even in your office, and puff.

Main Ingredients

*Propylene Glycol

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