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Thread: PG vs VG vs PEG

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    PG vs VG vs PEG

    Hello! I'm new to vaping and I'd like to know the difference between PG, VG, and PEG. I hope you guys could spare some of your time sharing some knowledge to newbies like me

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    All these base liquids, PG, VG, and PEG are used in medicinal preparations and are considered non-toxic.

    This is the most common liquid base material for e-cigarettes since PG provides the best throat hit and gives flavors very well. It is non-organic. PG is virtually inert and can even be injected into the bloodstream without effect in reasonable quantity. PG is normally a content in commercial products like hospital air sprays and disco fog machines.

    VG is another type of liquid base material used in e-cigarettes though it is much used as an alternative alternative carrier liquid because it is commonly used as an additive to PG liquids. If VG is to be used as the sole base content, you will need dilute it with 10% to 20% distilled water becuase of it is a thick liquid. Since it is made from vegetable sources, it is less inert comapred to PG. It can be treated by the body as a complex carbohydrate. There are some people who may have an allergy to a specific brand of VG because of the additives when using VG that cause allergies VG produces more vapor than PG but does not present flavors that well and produces lesser throat hit.

    Among the three, PEG is the least common refill liquid base material. The formulation used for e-liquid is called PEG400 and it appears to be to have the right viscosity, as it can be thinner, thicker, or even in the form of a wax. If used in reasonable amounts, PEG cannot be toxic as normally it is used in foods and medicines. It is said to present flavors better than any other base liquid and is being used by some major 2-piece e-cig manufacturers as it works great in cartomizers.

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    thanks for this info mike88h

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