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Thread: Throat burns when using e-cig

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    Throat burns when using e-cig

    Hello all, I've been vaping for a couple days now and so far it's kept me off of smoking cigarettes however one of the things that I'm not liking so much is the fact that there is a really bad burning sensation in the back of my throat when using these cartomizers that I got from madvapes:

    I have a 510 style battery that I'm using on it, along with some of the topvapor that madvapes carry. The French Vanilla Tobacco that I put into one of the cartomizers taste great but the Cherry Limeaide and Top Banana that I was looking forward to the most don't taste all that great in the cartomizers I put them in. :/

    Is there something that perhaps I'm doing wrong, or maybe something that someone else can suggest that is more reliable (I'm assuming the cartomizers are bad) so I'm not wasting money on things that I cannot return?

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    tastypotato, the cartos that you have, have a pretty good reputation. Since you are new to vaping here is something to consider. Most premixed juices can be diluted with a ratio of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin or perhaps may be diluted with only the PG. A lot of people have reported that they are sensitive to propylene glycol. One of the symptoms it causes are similar to what you are experiencing. If the ratio of the premix is 80/20, PG to VG, this may be too high of a ratio of PG for you. If the vendor you buy from offers custom mixes, you might ask for a 50/50 mix. When I started vaping a little over a year ago, I was using a lot of heavy PG mixes. I had sore throats and bouts of coughing. I since have adjusted to a lower PG mix and all is well. Hope this helps.

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