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Thread: E-Liquid Composition

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    Question E-Liquid Composition

    I've to ask an expert in making DIY e-liquid as I am new in this thing. How can I make a good one and I would also like to know what are the basic compositions of a basic e-liquid recipe? I'm so amateur and I don't know the percentages or how many drops of each ingredient to put in my e-liquid recipe. Help please

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    Hi there lizza! its a common question by starters so its all fine. I am not an expert in making DIY e-liquids but I've been doing this for several months already.

    e-liquid composition may be varied with base ingredient Vegetable Glycerin (VG) or Propylene Glycol (PG) and flavorings. Basically, you can put in the following compositions:

    For zero nicotine e-liquid you can use:
    15% water
    15% flavoring
    70% base PG or VG

    For e-liquid with nicotine (too much can be very toxic) you can use:
    10% water
    10% flavoring
    20% 24mg nicotine liquid
    60% PG or VG

    If you prefer a thicker vapor, you use lesser amount of water especially if the season is hot like during summer time. If you will make a solution with additives, then omit the water in your recipe and use a few drops of additives or more depending on strength and taste you like to get. My personal advice is, making DIY e-liquid recipes is a trial and error experience and you just need to enjoy the experiment phase!

    Happy Vaping!

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    stumbled upon this when i was browsing e-cig articles and thought this could answer your question. This is a list of commonly used substances in e-liquids (not all of these are used in every recipe)

    -Anti-oxidation agent
    -Benzyl benzoate
    -Butyl valerate
    -Citric acid
    -Ethyl heptylate
    -Geranyl butyrate
    -Hexyl hexanoate
    -Isopentyl hexonate
    -Lauryl laurate
    -Methyl octynicate
    -Organic acid
    -Propylene Glycol
    -Tobacco essence
    -Vegetable Glycerin

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    Okay, let me start by saying that mixing your own liquids can be very rewarding, with a bit of effort.

    Let's go over the most common ingredients and why you would use them.

    Nicotine: Pretty simple, this psycho-active compound can activate up to 32 different receptors in the brain, making it one of the most versatile (and addictive) drugs available. Mild overdose symptoms include: nausea, sweating, tremors, headache, and diarrhea. Commonly used as an insecticide, this should be handled with care, and NEVER vaped at more than 24mg per milliliter.

    Propylene Glycol: The original base for e-liquid, this is the most popular mixing base. Safe to handle, but some people are sensitive to it, and find the vapor produced irritating.

    Vegetable Glycerin: Much thicker than "PG" this is commonly used to thicken e-liquid, and provide a boost in vapor production. Pure "VG" liquids are harder to mix, and need more time to "marry" the flavors mixed with them. Please note that cartridges and cartomizers are generally made for pure "PG" liquids, so thicker liquids may not work as expected. My liquids are generally mixed with 30-50% "VG" and used with a "drip tip".

    Ethyl alcohol: Commonly used for thinning "VG" liquids, or adding "throat hit" to a recipe. Can cause problems with certain plastics due to "leaching". (Hard plastic bottles and royal clearomizers can become brittle, as well as pick up a nasty plastic taste.)

    Water: Used as a thinning agent where alcohol has undesired effects.

    Flavorings: These are mixed at between 2% and 25% depending on the flavor used, and the desired taste. It is always best to start with a small amount of flavor, (1-3 drops in a 5ml test batch) and add to the mix a drop at a time for the desired effect.

    Tips and tricks: When working with new flavors, use plain base liquids without nicotine. This will save you money on mishaps that occur when mixing experimental liquids.

    DO NOT use any flavorings that contain oil, they will foul the atomizer at best. (this includes essential oils)

    DO NOT use ANY "VG" or "PG" that isn't pharmaceutical grade, your life isn't worth the 5 bucks you'll save.

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    A variety of electronic liquid smoke may contain the following elements.
    • propylene glycol
    • glycerin
    • Nicotine
    • glycerin
    • tobacco flavor
    • Organic acids
    • Antioxidants
    • Butyl valerate
    • isoamyl hexonate
    The lauric acid Laurel •
    • benzyl benzoate
    • methyl octynicate
    • ethyl Heptylate
    • has been
    • geranyl acetate
    • mint
    • Citric acid
    • Water
    • Alcohol

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